Which coaching institutes are good?

Which coaching institutes are good?

IF u analyze the iit question papers of the past years and the students who get through, “IIT JEE TESTS CONCEPTS”. Concepts have to be self made concepts .

What coaching institutes do?

when a topic is taught in a coaching institute they don’t teach u the concepts that is available in the books why would you need them if they did , what they tell u is that what are the misconceptions students usually have in that topic . What else they do is more tougher problems than iit jee are given to u to solve . A competitive atmosphere is maintained in coaching institutes and you are regularly tested with various assignments’ and tests.

What help students get from coaching institutes?

· Coaching institutes follow a fixed timetable to cover their portion if u study alongside them then your portion is covered in modules and u are able to pay attention to all topics adequately.

· Since you are tested regularly you know where you stand, even though tests at coaching institutes are not very good in testing a persons concepts as the jee paper. But they are much harder. They can give u a rough idea where u stand.

· Finally the most important thing Concepts, coaching institutes don’t teach concepts but they tell u which books are good and tell u what misconceptions were faced by students so when your studying it becomes easier to understand since u have been shown the path and major wrong turn’s have been blocked.

Which coaching institutes are good?

THIS varies from city to city, the main parameters to see in a coaching institute are

· What is the strength of the coaching institute if it’s a small one you will face less competition.

· Is the faculty good? if the faculty is good you will be taught in a level higher ie, you would face tougher problems .you will face tougher conceptual problems, misconceptions would be blocked from you.

· What was the success rate? are there regular tests and are you put in batches according to that? It is very important to be in the right batch, so coaching institutes put u in batches based on your performance in tests.sum do it on a yearly basis and some do it on a monthly basis

FITJEE follows monthly batch shifting technique, better quality of tests, more no. of assignments but in teaching it is good only till problems it lacks in conceptual building and misconception blocking.

Narayana follows yearly batch shifting technique, good tests and assignments but is better in teaching than fitjee.

Other coaching institutes like bt,pie are a lighter versions of narayna and fitjee.

Bansal kota is good in all the areas mentioned above but its only for those who sacrifice their school life and study their for two or 1 year at kota.you would have classes everyday so you would have less time for self study that’s the only drawback, but even though it’s a good institute you miss out growth in other parts of life which you can learn only from schooling.

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